Educational & Marketing Materials
These types of projects typically aim to inform or persuade the reader. The writer often works as an advocate for clients, helping them identify and clearly express the message they want the reader to receive and act upon.
I have written and produced newsletters, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations describing the benefits of particular technologies, as well as presentation folders to introduce potential clients to a new company. I have experience working with graphic artists and printers to take a job from concept to finished product.
"Strategic Intelligence Update"
One of the Electric Power Research Institute's missions is providing its energy industry members with cutting-edge intelligence on new technologies. I have written and edited newsletters on topics such as energy storage, distributed generation, hydrogen, and compressed air energy storage (CAES).
"Nuclear Action Plans"
Each brochure in this series features one aspect of EPRI's nuclear power program, such as fuel management, maintenance, and plant safety. They are intended to help promote interest in, and financial support for, such programs among nuclear plant owners and operators around the world.
"Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World"
This project comprised a presentation folder and four-page brochures on specific renewable energy technologies. The intended audience included the general public, energy policy makers, and industry professionals. In addition to writing and editing copy, I also managed the project, including hiring and working with a graphic designer, bidding out the print job, and communicating with the client to get the work done to their specifications and on time.
Separate brochures addressed photovoltaics, wind, biomass, hydropower, and geothermal power.
"EPRI Renewable Technology Slide Shows"
Produced to accompany the brochures described above, this collection of PowerPoint presentations covers the history, technology, markets, and development potential for solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy technologies.
MicroMed Laboratories
MicroMed is a consulting firm and contract testing laboratory that serves medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. This brochure and folder introduces the company to potential clients who might not be familiar with its products and services (with William Bell & Co.).
"Value & Vision" and "End-Use News"
These sister periodicals aimed to inform EPRI members and the general public about successful EPRI projects and products. Both featured short articles that tended to focus on a particular problem and demonstrated how EPRI could help solve it.