Clearly communicating complex ideas is difficult. Finding the right resources, asking the right questions, and building a good story takes training and experience.
My training and experience include a physics major and English minor followed by years as a newspaper reporter, analytical chemist, and science writer. I've written freelance articles for magazines, technical papers on emerging technologies, shareholder reports for high-tech companies, marketing collateral for international sales efforts, and hundreds of newspaper articles.
Please click on the topics below to see examples of my work. Anyone wanting additional information is very welcome to contact me.
If you're interested in my second career as a cartoonist and graphic novelist, the best resource for news and contact information is my blog.
News and profiles of general interest
Regional and national audiences
Projects that draw on my journalism experience to research, interview and report
Scientific & Technical Writing
Trade press articles
Technical reports, white papers, newsletters
Projects that focus on energy, environment, health, and technology
Educational & Marketing Materials
Brochures, presentation folders, marketing collateral
Newsletters and PowerPoint presentations
Projects that address a wide range of topics and audiences, designed to instruct or persuade
Business Writing
Quarterly and annual reports
Business plans
Projects that help companies make their best case to clients, shareholders, or potential investors